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Gamble's Eye Patches

Wearing an Eye Patch has become more of a piece of wardrobe than it has been in the past. Nowadays anyone who may need to wear an Eye Patch wants something that not only fits but also looks good. Thats why we here at Gamble's Eye Patches have gone beyond the old cheap black Eye Patch you get from your local drug store.  We have been doing custom Eye Patches for over 7 Years and our designs are like nothing you will find anywhere else. Designed by the owner who actually wears an Eye Patch due to an injury, Each design must feel right and look good in order to be considered for addition to our line of Eye Patches.

 If your looking for an eye patch that will last for several years with proper care, Looking for an eye patch for a child or adult, or an eye patch for a movie or short film we can help and we will work with you personally to get your eye patch custom made.

Need a custom eye patch? Don't settle for less!

Don't see one that you like? Let us know what your looking for and we will do our best to make a custom eye patch for you.

You can see our eye patches in the movies "21 Jump Street" and  "Machete Kills"



Well folks, the time has come. After 12 years of Gamble's Eye Patches and making them for people from all over the world is is time for me to bring it all to a close. As we grow older and move to other things in our lives  sometimes we must make decisions that we don't want to make.

With my wife of 30 yrs and 4 daughters and 13 grandkids that time for me is now. It has been a rewarding journey. Helping out 1000's of people was more than I dreamed of when starting and it's been a pleasure and a fullfilling one.

So with that I bid a farewell and peace to all. Regards Jim Gamble

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